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Milwaukee, Wi
United States


I believe in perpetual optimism; laughing is utterly contagious. Most of all, I believe that a typeface says more than the words they make.


HEY, HI, HEllo!

My name is Shannon; I'm a creative human. I enjoy being challenged intellectually and embrace change for what it is, an opportunity to grow.

WHAT DID YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU "GREW UP?" I wanted to be Indiana Jones; I have an adventurous spirit. There is something epic about having to escape out of a window vs the front door of your work.

BOOKS: I believe that reading causes an overactive imagination, and that is why I love it so incredibly much.

BEST DREAM: I once had a dream that I was in the land of OZ, post Dorothy. I was following the yellow brick road to the castle when my alarm nearly sent me into cardiac arrest. I wish alarms understood quality.

WHY IN THE WORLD ARE YOU IN THE AD WORLD?  The idea of making a lasting impression and embodying the spirit of a client's brand in a few seconds, a few words, is an oxymoron that will continue to fuel me.